A Bit About Us

Hi there,

I'm the founder and owner of Strine's, Nathan.  I started this business back in the midst of the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic as my job was shut down.  We got our LLC in May and started getting to work.  Starting in late August we started taking appointments up until October.  Then it got chilly and I put Strine's on the backburner.  My main goal was to make it my full time job but never got to it.  So that is the plan for 2021!  Starting this new year off right by facing whatever the world throws at me, I'm running my business around my full time schedule until I don't need that job anymore.

My goal is to bring my wife into the business so we can work the same schedule and both watch our daughter.  Hopefully she can help out when a little older to learn some important skills about business.  We hope you enjoy our service as we will enjoy your support!

Thank You,

Nathan Strine